Our featured domain is Loan.Loan and Loans.Loans.Yes we're offering these two domains together as a combination package.

Loan.Loan and Loans.Loans are premium domains for the Financial Industry, or virtually any business that specializes in providing consumer/business loan(s).

For those who don't know the value of premium domains, Loans.com sold for three million dollars to Bank Of America in February, 2000 therefore think of current and future value of Loan.Loan and Loans.Loans.

I'd also like to add that there is additional value in the fact that these are matching keyword + extension domains which are normally reserved by the registry or very difficult to obtain.

Our asking price is $125,000.00 USD, again includes both domains Loan.Loan and Loans.Loans. 

We will except a direct Bank Wire, or Escrow.com for payment. Buyer is responsible for any fees incurred during the purchase of these domain names. If you're ready to purchase the domains now, click the Buy Domains Now link below and go directly to Escrow.com.

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$125,000.00 USD